PokerTracker 4 Makes Changes to ICM Calculator, TableTracker

Date: 2014-12-14
Author: Jason Glatzer

The leading third-party poker software provider PokerTracker has just released Version 4.12.1, which addresses some of the needs of its players.  The newest version of PokerTracker now has new language for wildcard in Omaha for the range selector.  Instead of wildcards being read as "A2**", they are now a bit clearer as "A2-any-any".
The software's ICM calculator has been tweaked to now include the correct prize pool for lottery-style tournaments such as Spin & Gos on PokerStars and Espressos on Winamax.  This should not have any effect on the majority, if not all, calculations for lottery-style tournaments since most of them are winner-take-all.  The calculator also now has more precise calculations for ICM net adjusted winnings with three or more players involved.
The PokerTracker add-on table finding tool TableTracker was also improved for PokerStars players.  The software will now include support for €0.05 Pot Limit tables.  Furthermore, there were improvements made to the country-specific application configuration and fixes made to table opening.
Speaking of PokerStars, this upgrade also addressed a few other issues that apply only to this site.  Version 4.12.1 fixed an issue where hands were not importing when a dead small blind was involved during play.
The development team also addressed a scenario where certain tournament summaries were not correctly being imported into the software.  Specifically, Spin & Go tournament summaries are now being imported correctly.  This is an important fix for Spin & Go enthusiasts, as the prize pool constantly varies, making it important that the software tracks these games correctly to understand your profitability in these games.
PokerStars players playing on other skins also should be pleased with this upgrade.  The poker tracking software's HUD now has new and improved player detection on and
Mac players on the newly launched are also now supported in the OS X PokerTracker version starting with this latest release.
PokerTracker 4 players on 888 Poker will no longer receive import errors when a hand is cancelled.   Another import fix specific to 888 Poker is that the software will correctly import hands where the big blind suddenly sits out and the player after him assumes this position.
PokerTracker 4 also fixed an import error specific to iPoker skins that previously caused an over-bet to be evenly split when there were two all-ins during a hand.
If any of these issues affected you in the past, you may want to consider reimporting all of your hands since the updates in PokerTracker Version 4.12.1 will only apply to newly imported hands and not for hands already in your database.
If you don't already use PokerTracker 4, why not give it a shot?  The software comes with a 30-day free trial, so you really don't have anything to lose just by checking it out.

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