PokerTracker 4 Now Fully Supports Dot-UK Poker Sites, PokerStars 7

Date: 2014-12-02
Author: Jason Glatzer

Earlier this month, PokerTracker released Version 4.12, adding several new features for its players.  If you play jackpot cash games, you will absolutely love this update since the latest PokerTracker 4 release includes new stats for jackpot contributions instead of combining these fees with the rake.
Likewise, straddles are supported by the latest software and are imported separately from pre-flop raises.  You will also be able to filter the new jackpot and straddles statistics.
If you have played jackpot or straddle games, you may want to consider re-importing your older hands since these statistics will only be calculated on new hands entering the database and not existing hands.
PokerTracker does not recommend re-importing a full database unless it is absolutely necessary, so we wouldn't recommend doing so if you never played these games or the number of hands you have at these tables is fairly negligible.
PokerTracker 4's update also boasts a redesigned import configuration interface.  The interface now includes a graphical display of your preferred seating options, making it easier to grasp your import configuration setup.
Tournament and sit and go players should be excited by a new tournament configuration option to calculate the "All-In Net Adjusted" at final tables where the software knows all of the remaining prize amounts.  PokerTracker knows how most final table pay tables are calculated since it has saved many custom tournament structures.  The software uses these structures to understand how the final table will be paid out.
With the United Kingdom and other countries passing regulation this year, many sites have had to create a dedicated poker client for these players.  While the game flow is the same in just about every way, PokerTracker and other third-party providers had to patch things up a little since the hand history files appear slightly differently.

This latest version of PokerTracker supports the major dot-uk poker sites of Titan Poker, Full Tilt, and PokerStars.  Likewise, the software now can auto detect hands for and the Mac OS X software now can auto-detect for
PokerStars 7 was also recently launched and PokerTracker didn't miss a beat there either.  The newest version of the software is fully compatible with the latest PokerStars client, including being able to detect the hand history and tournament summaries folders created while playing.  Keeping up with changes is important since your software is no good if it isn't working correctly on the site you typically play at.

Many other software companies charge a monthly rate, claiming to use this money to support their product as external changes happen.  PokerTracker looks at things differently and charges a one-time fee.  Despite not charging a monthly fee, the poker software provider typically never drops the ball and is usually ahead of the competition in terms of support, compliance, and features to meet the demands of its players.
If you haven't already checked out PokerTracker 4, why not take a look today at no risk to you?  Just head to PokerTracker's website and start your 30-day free trial.  We bet once you see how PokerTracker can help your game, you will be a customer for life.

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