Boost Your Hand History Arsenal with HH Dealer

Date: 2015-05-25
Author: Dan Cypra

Most online poker players agree that one of the keys to success is understanding how your opponents play and adjusting your game style accordingly.  There are many ways you can learn information about your opponents such as simple observation or by using a HUD to get more detailed and accurate information about your opponents.
However, your HUD will only take you so far since if you are using it as most players do, it will only contain hands that you played against your opponents.  What if you are playing on a new site for the first time?  Is there anything you can do?
This is where HH Dealer comes into play.  HH Dealer provides hand histories files in bulk and subscription format, which can boost your poker tracking database by more hands than you can dream of.  By using HH Dealer, your database will be full of hands that you were never involved in, giving you as a complete look as possible on your opponents.
When using HH Dealer for the first time, it is recommended that you use the bulk purchase.  Here, you can purchase as many hands as you want to and immediately boost your database.
Once you have that out of the way, it is recommended to continue with a subscription plan to make sure your data is as up to date is possible.
While HH Dealer is not the only hand history service provider on the market, it is one of the industry leaders for good reason.  Not only does it provide hand history files for most major sites, but it is the cheapest as well.
And, if another site comes along that is cheaper, HH Dealer still has your back, offering to not only to match competitors' prices and give a 20% discount.  This means no matter what, HH Dealer is your cheapest option to bulk up your database with tons of useful information about your potential opponents.
So if you are looking to get ahead of the competition, try HH Dealer today.  Once you start using their services, we bet that you will be wondering what you ever did without them.
We recommend before using HH Dealer to check with your online poker room to make sure it is within the site's terms and services.

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