Improve Your SNG Efficiency with Table Ninja II

Date: 2015-05-11
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are looking for a way to play more tables efficiently, look no further than Table Ninja IITable Ninja II can help you play more tables at once simultaneously.  However, there are some special features that make this software a must-have for sit and go players in particular.
Table Ninja II can speed up your actions by creating AutoHotKeys and preset bet functions for just about any action and any situation you can think of.  For example, if you want a hotkey that raises to 3.5 times the big blind when there is someone who has already limped in front of you, you can simply program this into Table Ninja so the next time you see this situation, it is just click on your keyboard to do so for you.
While this is an example of how the software helps all types of players, the software specifically helps sit and go and tournament players by giving you the ability to automatically click on the time bank when you are delayed in reacting to a hand.  The software can also automatically time you back in if you happen to time out.
Perhaps the best feature for sit and go players is the SNG Sensei feature.  This powerful feature can automatically register you for the number of sit and gos you want to play at once and the number you want to play per session based on criteria you program into it.  For example, if you wanted to play a session of $15 buy-in 180 man sit and gos, all you need to do is program the filter for this game along with how many you wish to play at once and over what time limit.
Sit and go players can also benefit from the NinjaVision feature.  This organizes your tables as you wish in stacks and tiles, while allowing you to also focus on the tables that are currently most important for you to pay attention to.  NinjaVision gives you a mini-view of all of your tables, allowing you to not miss action after folding a hand if you want to see how it plays out.
Another simple but helpful feature for sit and go players is the ability to see in the number of big blinds you have and what your "M" is on your tables.  It is extremely important in this form of poker to quickly know how deep your stack is to be able to make efficient and responsible moves on the poker felts.  This is also a handy feature for tournament players.
So if you play sit and gos, TableNinja II is a must-have piece SNG tool to improve your effectiveness during your online poker sessions.  Even if you don't play this style of poker, the software has many features that can help tournament and cash game players alike.  Monthly subscriptions start at $4.99, which is something that any poker player who wants to improve their efficiency should be able to afford.  Try TableNinja II today!

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