Ace Poker Solutions Partners with Tilt Breaker, GTO Range Builder

Date: 2015-05-27
Author: Jason Glatzer

When it comes to improving your game, many players will agree that Leak Buster can help you find your leaks and plug 'em as well.  Ace Poker Solutions, the creator of Leak Buster, has just partnered with two other sites, Tilt Breaker and GTO Range Builder. Both of these solutions can also help your poker game, albeit in a different way than Leak Buster.
As part of the partnership, you can now purchase both Tilt Breaker and GTO Range Builder directly from the Ace Poker Solutions website.  This is in addition to being able to buy software such as Leak Buster, Ace Poker Coach, Ace Poker Drills, and a free poker equity calculator.  Therefore, you will have two more great software products to aid you with your poker experience.
In case you don't know much about Tilt Breaker or GTO Range Builder, let's give you a teaser on both.  Tilt Breaker is just how it sounds and can assist you to not tilt.  Let's face it, even the best players tilt and that's one of the fastest ways to lose a bankroll you worked hard to build up.
Some of the Tilt Breaker's features include setting scheduled breaks and critical stopping points for your poker sessions, identifying where tilt and fatigue are present in your game, blocking your cashier, and more.  You can check out all of the features for free straight from the Ace Poker Solutions website for 15 days, and if you like it, the software will only set you back $49.99.  That's just a very small price to pay to protect your bankroll when you aren't able to play your A-game.
GTO Range Builder is an awesome piece of software designed to help you analyze the best game theory optimal solutions.  The software is for the advanced poker player ready to take his game to the next level.  The software does not require any download and will work with any web browser.
There are two main ways to use this software.  You can build your own models to examine or you can go through the hundreds of designed flop scenarios created for you to study and share with the GTO Range Builder community.  The software will help you learn the ideal strategies that you can apply to your game and see how far every solution is from its Nash Distance.
The full software is available for $299 for six months or $479 per a full year.  This may sound like a lot, but the power of this software should help you bring your understanding of the game to levels you never thought possible.

If you do not plan on building your own models, you can save a few bucks by purchasing a plan for $19.99 a month that includes full access to their library of scenarios and access to the GTO Range Builder community discussion threads.
Also as part of the partnership, expect to see promotions for both products.  Check out Leak Buster today!

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