Learn More About HUDs with PokerTableStats

Date: 2015-05-09
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are looking for a way to take your online poker game to the next level, you should definitely consider PokerTableStats.  The software not only can help you with the math behind the game with a powerful in-game poker odds calculator, but also has a simple, yet powerful HUD that can help you understand how your opponents approach hands in many different situations.
PokerTableStats recently emailed its subscribers its sixth installment of its training newsletter, entitled "Learn More About HUD Stats."  As you may have guessed, this newsletter focuses on explaining the intuitive HUD included as part of the software along with how you can use the information it provides to your advantage.
The PokerTableStats HUD provides a mini-view of each player on your online poker table while playing.  The mini-view gives you all of the basics you need to get an overall idea of what types of players you are up against, featuring stats for the number of hands, VPIP %, pre-flop raise %, aggression factor, three-bet betting %, fold to continuation bet %, and fold to steal %.
If you need any more information, right-click on the HUD to get a detailed view of your opponents.  For example, if you want to know at what frequency your opponents try to steal blinds by position, you can quickly check this with this pop-up window.
Both the mini-view and the additional window should provide enough information for you to know how to play against an opponent in certain situations.  The newsletter released by PokerTableStats breaks down a few examples to give you the general idea.
One example is if your opponent has a high fold to bet percentage, it makes sense to bet him more often with marginal or weak holdings than you would other players since he is likely to fold more.  If this opponent does not fold, you can assume he has a strong hand.  While this type of play won't work all the time, it should work enough against an opponent who only plays strong hands to make it profitable over time.
Another example of how your PokerTableStats HUD can be useful is if your opponent is displaying a higher than normal continuation bet percentage.  If he raises pre-flop and then bets on the flop, you shouldn't assume he has a good hand and so you can try to play back at him.  Likewise, if your opponent has a lower than normal continuation bet percentage, you can assume he only bets the flop when he has a hand worth betting for value.
A big difference between the HUD at PokerTableStats, and the HUD other software providers offer is that all your data is stored on their servers.  This means if you like playing poker on multiple computers, you will have access to your information stored in your database no matter what machine you're using to play.  Even though your data isn't stored on your computer, it is safe and secure and only you have access to it.
Check out PokerTableStats.  They may be known for helping players master the odds and outs with its poker calculator; however, many other players are enjoying the software's powerful, yet simplistic HUD as well.

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