Make Better Omaha Decisions with Omaha Checker

Date: 2015-05-15
Author: Jason Glatzer

Omaha may seem simple on the surface, but anyone who has played at least a few hands knows it is much different than No Limit Hold'em, currently the most widely-played poker variant.  You are probably aware that there are many free odds calculators for Omaha with which you can see what your chances are winning on all streets when looking at your hand versus an opponent's hand.
While this can certainly help you when studying, did you know there is a free poker odds calculator that allows you to compare your hand to a range of one or more opponent hands?  Omaha Checker not only does that, but can also attach to your table, giving you this information while you are playing.
The reason using ranges is so important compared to just one possible opponent hand is that no matter how good you may be at figuring out your odds, it is almost impossible to pinpoint an opponent to one hand.  You may be able to pinpoint your opponent to certain ranges such as top 25% of hands or an even more defined range of AAXX, but think about how impossible it would be to assign cards, including their suits, to your opponents.
On a regular basis, this would only be possible if you could actually see what your opponent has in the hole, making this an actual flaw of some of the other Omaha odds calculators unless you were just double-checking if you experienced a bad beat or not.
What Omaha Checker can do for you while playing is show you your equity based off your exact hand against a range of what one or two of your opponents may have.  The ranges include AA only, AA or KK only, top 10%, top 15%, top 20%, and top 25%.  If these aren't enough options for you, the software allows you to assign a custom range to your opponents as well.  Learning to range your opponents is important in any game, and the better you get at that, the more useful the software will be to you.
Omaha Checker can also prove to be very useful when studying Omaha.  When you are not actively playing a poker session, since you can plug in any hero hand you may have played and see where it stands against a few different ranges you think your opponents have to see if you played a hand correctly.
Furthermore, you can create as many imaginary situations as your heart desires.  This can prove to be an especially useful feature if you also love playing live poker, as practice makes perfect.
So why not see for yourself how powerful Omaha Checker is and how it can improve your game by having the math on your side?  The software is absolutely free and is perhaps the most powerful Omaha calculator available on the internet.

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