What's in Your HUD with Stacey Brown (xstaceybx)

Date: 2015-05-21
Author: Jason Glatzer

We sat down with the United Kingdom's Stacey Brown to discuss poker software.  Stacey is a recreational online poker tournament player who plays most of her volume on PokerStars under the screen name xstaceybx.
PokerSoftware: What poker software are you currently using or have used in the past while playing poker online?
Stacey Brown:  I am using PokerTracker 4 at the moment, but have used Hold'em Manager 2 in the past.
PokerSoftware:  Why did you switch from Hold'em Manager 2 to PokerTracker 4?
Stacey Brown:  I actually was using PokerTracker 4 first.  I used that software for a while and when I got a new laptop I decided to give Hold'em Manager 2 a go.  This is mainly due to me liking to try different things and a few people I played online poker with at the time used Hold'em Manager 2, so I decided to try.  Recently, though, I had to revert back to the older laptop and so am once again using PokerTracker 4.
PokerSoftware:  Is the experience more or less the same for you with both pieces of software?  Or are there any differences you can tell us about?
Stacey Brown:  Both pieces of software are very similar.  Both give me the information I need while playing online poker.  I find that PokerTracker is easier to use and performs better on my laptop than Hold'em Manager 2 does. I prefer the automatic notes that PokerTracker 4 has via NoteTracker.
PokerSoftware:  Tell us how you are using your HUD?  What stats are most important to you?
Stacey Brown: I have recently changed the stats I use in my HUD.  I was using very basic stats on players, as most of the games I play have no need for more specific stats.  I was using Voluntary Put into Pot (VPIP), Pre-Flop Raise (PFR), and 3-Bet (3B) stats.  I have recently included a Fold to 3Bet stat, a C-bet stat, and a fold to C-bet stat as well.
PokerSoftware:  What type of sample size are you looking for before using any of the information to make decisions?
Stacey Brown:  The more hands, the better.  The more hands you have on a specific player, the more accurate the stats will be, and so a better decision can be made. However, as I mentioned, in the games I play, I do not come up against the same players on a regular basis, so I have to use the information I have to the best of my ability.
PokerSoftware:  Do you ever use PokerTracker 4 as a study tool?
Stacey Brown:  Yes, I do.  I use the PokerTracker hand replayer to go over full tournament hand histories and review specific hands from certain tournaments.
PokerSoftware:  Do you think poker software in general is good for the game?  Or would you prefer a world without HUDs?
Stacey Brown:  I think for poker players who want to use a HUD, it can help their game immensely.  However, some players actually don't like using HUDs, as they feel it complicates their game.  Now that there is free poker software available to all players and everyone has the same chance to be able to access information while playing, I feel poker software is good for the game.
PokerSoftware:  The word around the block is that you love software in general.  In fact, this author may be seeking you out to help him get started on Twitch.  How difficult is Twitch to set up and do you personally enjoy using it?
Stacey Brown:  I like to try out all software that is available to me if possible.  I don't actually stream on Twitch and from my knowledge it can sometimes be tricky to set up, but I will do my best to help any way I can.  The content for poker streams available at the moment is second-to-none.

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