Leak Buster 4.0 Can Supplement Your Poker Experience

Date: 2017-01-30
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you play cash games there are many tools to improve your game. First of all you can learn from the pro’s by watching from the best of the very best at poker training such as Ivey League. Or you can choose a more hands-on approach like Advanced Poker Training, whose artificial intelligence powered opponents help training Qui Nguyen win the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event.
While both of these options are great and recommended. As an alternative or better yet an addition to these is studying your own game. This is sometimes easier said than done. Many hire coaches that costs hundred dollars an hour if not more to help them improve. While this is possibly not a waste of money, there is a much more affordable way of examining your game by using the poker software Leak Buster 4.0.
What Leak Buster 4.0 does is identify your biggest leaks in your game by going through your hands in your Hold’em Manager 2 or PokerTracker 4 databases. If you aren’t using either of these programs, you are out of luck and won’t be able to take advantage of Leak Buster 4.0.
The software quickly reviews your hands, however, if you have a database of millions of hands this might take a little more time than the average person that has much less.
Once leaks are identified, you know where to pinpoint your training and can watch video modules to learn how to plug these leaks. It also gives you a great place to ask questions to friends and on poker forums. Additionally, if you are using an individual coach, you can ask him or her to focus on the areas you need the most help to make the most of these sessions. The software even provides a training report to help the coaches know where to focus. This is worth the price of the software alone as if you can reduce the amount of hours you need your coach for, it is a huge savings to your bottom line.
Additionally, if you are subscribing to a poker training site, Leak Buster 4.0 can tell you what types of videos you should consider watching.  This makes your subscription far more valuable if you are just watching videos at random and makes your learning process far more efficient.
Also, if you are using Advanced Poker Training for hands-on experience, once again Leak Buster 4.0 can tell you exactly the areas you should be practicing in the software.
In other words, regardless of whether you are using other methods to improve or not, you are leaking money on the poker ring game tables by not using Leak Buster 4.0. First time users usually will find that they have at least a dozen of major leaks if not more. Why not see what you are missing out on and check out Leak Buster 4.0 today.

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