Hand2Note: Sleek and Intuitive

Date: 2017-01-13
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you haven’t used a HUD and poker tracking database before or want to look for an upgrade on what you already have, why not check out Hand2Note.
Hand2Note is perhaps the sleekest looking software of its kind. However, just looking good and being very intuitive to use isn’t the main reason we recommend taking a look at Hand2Note. The software is very powerful as well as it was designed by a team of professional software developers, designers and marketers with key decisions about functionality made by high stakes online professional poker players that have been around the block for many years.
The software is dynamic in nature and displays the stats that are likely the most meaningful to you without cluttering up your screen with other stats that may not prove to be helpful. It chooses from over 500 stats and also displays vs. hero stats where there is a sufficient sample size. This latter point is important as most HUDs just display overall stats which might not be how a smart thinking opponent might be approaching you instead of a random fish.
Drilling down for more stats just takes the click of a button, which is not only useful while playing and need to make a tough decision or plan for a hand, but also when reviewing your own game in your poker tracking database. Along with tons of stats, the information you can see when drilling down including heatmaps as well.
Of course, drilling down is just the tip of the iceberg, as you can actually place specific hands into notes into notes with a short visualization and just with a click of the button launch a cool looking replayer. You can also take notes very quickly just using three clicks and pin notes to stats as well.
From a review perspective, there is not only a plethora of information you can dig into, but also review performance by checking out some graphs. There are also some very informative reports including “Fish Count” and “Relative Fish Position”.
One other important thing to note is that despite how powerful the software is, neither during our tests or feedback we have heard from others using the software regularly have we ever experienced any software freezes or other performance issues. If you have had these types of problems with similar software, you may want to consider switching over to Hand2Note solely for this reason.
Hand2Note comes with a 30 day free trial. So you can check it out without committing to a purchase. There is also a free plan with you name on it if you play smaller stakes cash games and tournaments. Why not check out Hand2Note today!

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