Sneak Peek at Hold'em Manager 3

Date: 2017-01-22
Author: Jason Glatzer

A new era in poker tracking databases and HUD could be among us soon as Holdem Manager is now testing in prerelease Beta its third version of the software to a limited group of customers.
While all the key things you rely on if you are using Holdem Manager 2 will be present in the new version, as you might expect there will be much more available as well.
To start things off the entire interface has been completely revamped with a more modern look in mind. In addition to being sleek, the new design is much clearer, simpler and intuitive than before. Equally as important as the interface being stylish is that customers will now need to use less clicks than before to do similar types of tasks in the software.
The HUD design has also been completely revamped in what is known as Visual HUD, which allows all basic statistics on opponents to be readable at a glance. Additionally, setting up your HUD how you want it is much easier in the newer version’s improved HUD editor. If you had trouble with designing your pop-ups, you should also be pleased to learn that the new version includes a far more powerful and much more easy to use Popup editor.
The database side of things is improved as well. It no longer requires a PostgreSQL installation which should eliminate some problems for some of their customers. The most common problems with PostgreSQL took place when customers were trying to use Holdem Manager 2 for the first time.
Tournament detection by the database side is also reported to be far more improved, which was one complaint about the older versions of the software.
Another thing introduced in Holdem Manager 3 is Situational Views. These are a collection of views related to common occurrences many poker players have during each session. You could have gotten information from in Holdem Manager 2, but not without opening multiple reports to do so.
Additionally, the software now allows you to create powerful filters through an autocomplete type of query referred to as Holdem Manager Query Language (HMQL). This should prove to be great for anyone looking to really narrow down on some aspects of their reporting.
There currently isn’t a date for the full release of Holdem Manager 3, and Holdem Manager 2 is still completely supported. Also, a price hasn’t been set yet for the new version either, but we expect to find out more closer to the time of release.

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