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Date: 2017-02-17
Author: Jason Glatzer

Many players take use a HUD to help them learn information about their opponents. This enables them to have much more information than they normally would have by just observation alone. The importance of a HUD is even more amplified the more table a player plays since he or she can rely far less on gather info about their opponents on their own.
One of the best poker tracking databases and HUDs is Hold’em Manager 2 due to its ease of use and incredible power and information.
However, the HUD and database are just the tip of the iceberg as Hold’em Manager 2 integrated many HM Apps for purchase to help online poker players even more.
NoteCaddy Premium is one such app. There is a free limited version of Note Caddy already embedded into Hold’em Manager 2. The software automatically takes notes on your opponents based off things they did on the felt. The free hold’em version can take up to seven different automated note types while the paid version is much more powerful and can take up to 174 automated note types.
Note Caddy has versions for both no limit hold’em and pot limit Omaha. Obviously since the two games are vastly different, the note types are different as well. Also owning Note Caddy Premium allows players to purchase other packages that work on top of it including NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0.
TableNinja II is a different app available in the HM App store. We can spend an entire series of articles just talking about this software alone.
Everything about TableNinja II is designed to allow players to multitable poker tables more efficiently than ever before. Features include assigning hot keys for betting percentages of pot, calling, folding and even going all-in.
The software also comes with a table organization tool called NinjaVision. In a nutshell, NinjaVision organizes most of a player’s tables in a mini grid while keeping one table in full focus. Hot keys and other shortcuts and functions work on both the mini tables and the full tables. The software also features a ton of other functions as well including automated time bank managed, a sit and go tournament registration tool called SNG Sensei and measuring stacks in big blinds instead of chips.
Leak Buster 4.0 is another HM App we have spent plenty of time talking about in stand alone articles. If you play online cash games, there is absolutely no reason not to on this app since it will find leaks in your game you don’t even know exist. In fact, on average the software can find anywhere from 10 to 25 different leaks per new customer.
In total the software can analyze your game for more than 460 different leaks. In other words, it examines every part of your game. The software also treats lower stakes game leaks differently than higher stakes games.
SitNGo Wizard 2 is a must have HM App for any serious sit and go tournament player. This is the case regardless of whether you are new to this form of poker or have been playing it for years and years as an experienced pro.
Similar to Leak Buster 4.0 for cash game players, this software will help you learn what your mistakes are and eliminate them. Obviously the more optimal you can learn to play, the less costly mistakes you will make at the tables.
SnowieApp is the newest HM app in the store. The app takes advantage of PokerSnowie’s advanced neural network to provide feedback on mistakes you have made. Since it is fully integrated into your Hold’em Manager 2 database, it is easy to analyze any hand. Additionally the software will point out any patterns of mistakes you could be making and takes a look at whether your game is well balanced.
While there is little reason to purchase all the apps, one or more HM Apps are likely to add to your experience as an online poker player. The apps are all reasonably priced, and based on each of their power more than pay themselves back over time.

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