Here's Why You Need Advanced Poker Training

Date: 2017-02-03
Author: Jason Glatzer

There are many great reasons to join Advanced Poker Training. The poker training site’s artificial intelligence is second to none and provides hands on training with advice from dozens of instructors that you will be hard to find anywhere else.
One thing I like to do when I just have a few minutes spare time at Advanced Poker Training is playing the two training games, “What’s the Nuts?” and “The Upper Hand”. While both games are pretty simple, what I like most is being put under pressure to make quick decisions under the clock and just keeping my mind sharp.
What’s the Nuts? is just how it sounds. You are given a board of five cards and you have to select the two cards that you think makes the best hand possible. Sounds easy? Well it might be, but it isn’t always easy when time pressure is on you and this is good practice if you are multitabling online to know you are always able to visualize the best hand possible when time isn’t always on your side with real money on the line.
The game offers three different possibilities in “Deal Unlimited Hands”, “Fixed Number of Hands”, and “Timed Test”. The first two are perhaps fun for some and good for beginning players that don’t want the pressure of making quick decisions. However, I prefer the timed test myself as it not only allows me to practice for a fixed amount of time, but also helps me make my decision as fast as possible.
When the game is over, you can see your stats and can even see your overall stats from other times you played this fun game as well.
The other game I like is The Upper Hand. Once again, you are given the same three selections as the other game before starting and once again I like being put under the pressure and choosing timed test.
This game to me is slightly more pressurized than What’s the Nuts. You are given a random board and shown the hole cards your opponent is holding. You then choose between nine different hands that are presented to you and select the one that you think is ahead of the one your opponent is holding.
While in real poker you will never know what your opponent has without cheating and taking a peek at their cards, it is great practice in knowing the odds of certain hands winning and keeping your mind sharp at being able to visualize hands quickly.
These games aren’t the main reason why Advanced Poker Training is the site thousands of poker players including 2016 WSOP Main Event champion Qui Nguyen use to improve their game as there are tons of training options. However, they are a nice perk at the site and fun as well.

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