NoteCaddy Edge is a Must for Professional Cash Game Players

Date: 2017-02-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you play cash games online seriously, you likely already understand the importance of a HUD. This is especially true if you are playing multiple tables at the same time as the software provides key information about your opponents that would be very hard for you to merely observe.
However, a HUD can also be useful even when playing one or two tables. When you first sit down, you can get an idea of how your opponents are typically playing. Those players with advanced HUDs can also get information about their opponent that would be very hard to come by even if always just playing one table. This is especially true as players move up stakes.
One software package that perhaps provides the most robust information available anywhere in NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0. In order to use it you need to own Hold’em Manager 2. So, if you are using something else and this software package seems up your alley, you will need to move over to this poker tracking database.
You will also need to use NoteCaddy Premium, which if you are a serious cash player you might own already anyway if you are using Hold’em Manager 2.
What NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 does is provide a custom HUD with over 1,250 note definitions or 1,900 in the Pro version that helps you find leaks in your opponents’ games that you can use to your advantage. It also includes up to 13 popups and up to 20 combo badges. An example of a badge would be if when your opponent makes a huge overbet on the river if he is typically strong or not.
While the package in the box is what many players use as it is super powerful, you are also able to customize it until your heart is content.
There are two packages to choose from. I recommend using the basic NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0 package first as it provides plenty of information, is a bit cheaper, and you can always upgrade to the NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0 Pro version at a later time once you get accustomed to everything available in the basic package.
While there is a little bit of a learning curve in using it, once you get used to the software you should be able to make better decisions in faster time. To help the learning curve along, NoteCaddy Edge provides plenty of support along with tons of videos and documentation.
If you are a recreational player, NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0 might not be for you. However, if you play thousands upon thousands of cash game hands, this software will no doubt help improve your profitability and give you a new look into the game.
NoteCaddy Edge Cash 3.0 starts off at just $14.99 per month, which is a bargain regardless of the stakes you are playing. This is especially the case the more you play. You can save a few bucks by purchasing a six month or one year package. The Pro version is a little more expensive starting at $19.99. However, this also has proved to be a bargain for many players who now make exponentially more thanks to the software. Check it out.

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