Advanced Poker Training has analyzed almost 100 million hands

Date: 2017-03-04
Author: Jason Glatzer

There was a time where poker players had to learn the game through books, practice, and word of mouth. During these days, the game was evolving very slowly, so learning through these methods were suitable for any new or experienced player to gain knowledge.
However, once online poker came about, the game began to evolve faster. This was partly due to a younger generation bringing in their own ideas, partially due to the sheer volume of hands players can play online versus live, and partially due to the internet bringing new ways of sharing information.
While word of mouth can still be a useful tool, older books suddenly became somewhat outdated and concepts discussed in new books were sometimes less than useful as they were in the past.
The demand for players to learn helped spur on a new industry of poker training delivered over the internet. This began with a handful of sites employing some of the most successful online poker pros to explain the game in its current terms along with how they approach hands, tournaments, sessions, etc.
More than a decade later, this is still one of the best places to learn how to play online poker or if you already are a good player how to become one of the best. Some sites specialize in one form of poker such as Tournament Poker Edge focusing solely on poker tournament concepts and play and HUSNG focusing on an even smaller niche of heads-up games. However, there are many other sites such as Ivey League, which was founded by 10-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Phil Ivey that instead takes a broader focus and has some videos on just about everything.
Poker training videos can prove to be a great way for many to improve. However, many others need a more hands-on experience. Obviously by just playing – and even better – having a good player watch and critique you is a great way to improve while going along. The problem with this is that the player watching might not be fully equipped to point out everything that is wrong and players are risking real money while trying to learn.
This is where Advanced Poker Training can help. The poker training site is subscription-based. Meaning customers pay a one time fee every month for full access to the site. Advanced Poker Training customers can play up to 500 hands per hour against lifelike artificial intelligence powered opponents. Even 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event winner Qui Nguyen used Advanced Poker Training’s advanced intelligence to help him train to win the biggest tournament of last year.
Advanced Poker Training can be used on its own, however, even if you are subscribing to a more traditional poker training site, you can practice the concepts being discussed there against opponents on Advanced Poker Training and get detailed analysis without risking any real money.
Advanced Poker Training has analyzed almost 100 million hands and is growing every second. Players can choose whether to play six-max or full ring cash games, sit-and-go’s, and multi-table tournaments with up to 8,000 opponents with different styles and characteristics.
Customers can replay any hand of their choosing and get solid advice from one of the 28 different advisors on the site. There are also plenty of reports and a weekly training plan to help track your progress and advise on where you should spend time on improving your game. The advice is dynamic in nature helping you improve fast. If you are also subscribing to a video-based online poker training site, you can then search for videos that can also help you improve.
However, this might not be necessary as there is plenty of advice for you directly within Advanced Poker Training. The advice is very advanced and with the help of the site’s Brain Button you can really dig into to an advisor’s thought process on any hand.
One other great thing about Advanced Poker Training is that the site has many fun features as well. If you are having fun, you are more likely to keep training. The Beat the Pro Challenges are a good example of this. Here you try to take the same test involving a specific concept or starting hand by playing hands. After you completed the challenge, you can check out how you performed when compared to the instructor taking the same challenge. What’s more is that the instructor has recorded audio advice on each hand so you can dig deep into why he or she may have played the hand the same or differently than you did.
Advanced Poker Training is web based, meaning it will work on any computer or handheld device. This means you can not only practice at home, but practice while you are on a road trip or otherwise have some time to spare while not in front of the computer.
If Advanced Poker Training is good enough for Qui Nguyen, chances are it is also good enough for you. Check out Advanced Poker Training today!

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