Tournament Poker Edge Releases Range Theory Series

Date: 2017-03-10
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you play online poker tournaments, you often likely see many of the same players frequently near the top of the field. You might think they are just getting lucky, and maybe they are in any particular tournament.
However, the reason you see the same players dominating tournaments isn’t just about luck. Any player can win a single tournament on luck, however, to do it time and time again takes skill. These poker pros might make it look easy, but behind the scenes they are studying many hours a week to keep on top of their game.
One of the best tools to help players study is subscribing to a poker training site. While there are plenty of poker training sites to choose from, if you want to specialize in online poker tournaments, Tournament Poker Edge is a great place to learn.
As the name of the training site describes, Tournament Poker Edge specializes in providing world-class video instruction solely on poker tournaments from successful tournament pros. This means just about every video released should help you become a better tournament player and you don’t have to worry about whether the next video will be about cash games or something else you have no interest in.
February was another great month at Tournament Poker Edge with top-notch content being released all month long. Andrew “foucault82” Brokos released the final two parts of a seven part video series titled “Mini-WCOOP Main Event HH Review with Andrew Brokos”. If you play low buy-in tournaments and want to see how one of the best navigates through a huge field, this series is a must watch.
Also wrapping up a great video series was old school poker tournament player Dylan “thedylan1” Thomassie. The Tournament Poker Edge instructor has been getting it done for over a decade and recently began to share his wisdom on the training site. In February, he wrapped up his first ever solo series titled “$20K Hand History Review with Dylan Thomassie”. The six part video series included many important concepts including the use of hand EV charts.
Meanwhile, Matthew “theginger45” Hunt was back at it again with a six part video series titled “TPE Theory: Range Advantages and Equity Distributions with Matthew “theginger45” Hunt”. This might be his best video series to date, which is hard to believe since Hunt is always releasing great stuff. What I like about this series is that it dives straight into theory. I often know that the moves I am doing are good on the poker felt, but am not always sure of the reason why. Understanding the reason why can only help me apply these reasons to other situations or make me rethink whether I was correct to begin with.
Before this series, Hunt released to quick Stop & Go clips on betting blind versus blind and bluff barreling. Late in February, Hunt released two more Stop & Go clips on bluff catching and getting value. What is great about Stop & Go videos is that if you just have a few minutes time, you don’t have to use it to watch the beginning of a video and instead can watch an entire clip since these segments are never more than seven minutes long.
Peter “The Saurus” Morris also produced a new video series titled “Peter “The Saurus” Morris $25K Win Hand History Review”. Five of the six parts were released in February with the last part being released in early March.
March will be as exciting if not more than February at Tournament Poker Edge. In addition to those mentioned for releasing content in February, there will also be great content for you to learn from by Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy, Marc “aznAllin07” Alioto, and Tournament Poker Edge cofounder Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch.
If all of this sounds great to you, the good news is it won’t cost you much to check it all out. There are no sign-up fees at Tournament Poker Edge and you pay for the time you want. A monthly subscription plan costs $39.95. You can save a few bucks by opting for the quarterly plan which costs $99.95 or the yearly plan which costs $299.95. The quarterly plan is the most popular one since it saves a bit of money as compared to the monthly plan without tying you into a long-term commitment. Check out Tournament Poker Edge to see what you have been missing out on today!

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