NoteCaddy Now Available in Beta for Free for PokerTracker 4

Date: 2017-12-13
Author: Jason Glatzer

Players using Hold’em Manager 2 have been enjoying the advantages on the tables and in their studies for many years that NoteCaddy as been providing tHEM. NoteCaddy offers many valuable features to help players make better decisions on the table.
Now, players using PokerTracker 4 can take advantage of NoteCaddy as well with it integrated in the software in Beta mode for free.
PokerTracker 4 customers simply need to visit this link on the PokerTracker website, enter their registered email and PokerTracker registration code to sign-up for the pre-release Beta.
After following these simple steps and loading PokerTracker 4, NoteCaddy will automatically be integrated within the software. The NoteCaddy Setup Wizard will the guide new users through the set-up process with six easy to follow steps including Welcome to NoteCaddy!, Set up database connection, Choose Database to use, Client Note Files, Select Ultimate Packs and Downloading Selected Packs.


As a heads-up, although the set-up process couldn’t be any easier, the final step will take some time depending on the size of your database and your computer’s processing power. Those with bigger databases should plan to run this part of the install during a time they do not plan to play online poker or set it up to run overnight.

What the software automatically will do from there is add information to HUDs and pop-ups in the form of badges, stats, ScatterGraphs and SparkGraphs. This provides a much more in-depth view of your opponents while playing. 
NoteCaddy comes with two prepacked HUDs including Cash – Edge—Black Popups for ring game players and Tournament – Edge—BlackPopups for all other games. Players can use these HUDs right out of the box or go ahead and add even more information and create a modified or new HUD with the new resources available. However, the Edge profile shown below provides more than enough information through stats, badges and popups.
The beauty of this HUD is that it is simple while also giving you the access to quickly to even more details by clicking on any stat. From there a popup appears which provides much more information.
Additionally, the badges provide tons of details. For example, when you see a Double Barrel badge you can feel confident that more often than not he will be double barreling, and you might want to sit back and let your opponent provide the action when you have a very strong hand.
Besides this, the HUD provides access to thousands of situational notes. NoteCaddy provides the most meaningful information based off its powerful filters to give you notes on your opponent which are more likely to help you in that situation.
The notes not only tell you the exact hands in text or a hand visualization grid, but also how weak or strong your opponent is in a certain situation.
In addition, NoteCaddy can provide you information based off the bet sizing of your opponent’s bet. It could be that when your opponent fires out a big bet he or she is usually strong and when he or she is bets small it should scream to you weakness. This information could prove to be ultimately the difference in how you play certain hands including when you have decent but not top of the range hands or when you might decide to bluff or not bluff your opponent out of a pot.
This is just a sample of what NoteCaddy can do for you. So, if you are already using PokerTracker, why not see for yourself how much NoteCaddy can change the way you approach the game. Remember, the software is free while in Beta, so you have nothing to lose and potentially plenty to gain. Sign up for NoteCaddy here to get started. 

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