Expose the power of the new HM3 Situational Views - Part 1

Date: 2017-12-20
Author: Jason Glatzer

The next generation of poker tracking software, Hold’em Manager 3, has been in limited Beta release all year long. The software developers are expected to release Hold’em Manager 3 in an open Beta release in the very near future.
The software has a completely new design with many new features. One major feature PokerSoftware will be focusing on with a series of articles are Situational Views. 
What this feature does is provide a single solution to what in the past required several different reports to compile the information. This should provide you instant information that would require time in the past to create that should help make your study time on your game more efficient.
Currently embedded in the software are three Situational Views as follows:
1. 3-Bet Situational View
2. CBet Situational View
3. Tournament All-in Situational View

HM3 Situational View Navigation

Other situational views are planned including Showdown, Sit N Go Bubble Play and Leakonomics already listed in the software as coming soon. 
We will focus on the 3-Bet Situational View for the rest of this article with the other situational views to be discussed in future articles soon.
The 3-Bet Situational View compiles all your cash game hands into five reports including Results, Position, Three Bet Range, Three Bet Success and Flop Hand Strength.
If you prefer to look at a subset of your hands in the reports you can click on the Filters icon and narrow things down until your heart is content with just about anything you can think of. You can also save a filter for future use, a feature I personally find handy so I can toggle back and forth quickly even though the creation of a filter is very easy.

HM3 Filters

The Results Filter provides an overall look at your overall big blinds per 100 hands win-rate when you three-bet. The graph breaks it down to when you were in position and out of position.

Situational Views Results

The Position Report shows on the left side the overall frequency that you have three-bet from any position. The graph breaks your activity down by position. There is a bar graph displaying how often you three-bet from each position and a line graph that shows your big blind win rate per 100 hands from each position.
In addition, there is a chart broken out by position showing your three-bet frequency, total hands, net amount won and big blinds won per 100 hands.
Situation Views - Position

The Three Bet Range report displays on the left side your range percentage that you have three-bet with. The report itself shows your big blind per 100 hands win-rate along with the number of hands you have three-bet with in both a line graph.
On the right of the report there is a hand heat map broken out into Net Won and Dealt Frequency. In the Net Won option, the more you have won with a particular hand the stronger the blue color is. Likewise, the stronger the red color is the more you have lost with a particular hand. 
Likewise, in the Dealt Frequency the same colors apply but instead based on how often you were dealt those particular hands.
In addition, any hand you have three-bet with you can click on the hand itself and the software will display on each time you three-bet with that hand broken out into date, time, cards, line, board, stack size, effective stack size, stakes, net won, net big blinds won, $EV Diff, position, number of opponents facing, actions, all-in and equity. On the bottom there is a summary of all hands put together. You can click on any hand you want to review and the Hold’em Manager 3 hand replayer will pop-up.

Situational View - 3bet Range

The Three Bet Success report first shows an overall success rate in the summary section. On the top part of the report there is a bar graph displaying your success rate by position. The bottom part of the report provides a chart that breaks things down by position, total hands, net won, three-bet rate, big blinds won per 100 hands played, EV per 100 hands, three-bet success percentage, how often you went to showdown, money won at showdown percentage and flop continuation-bet percentage.
In the chart you can click on any position and to see the actual hands broken out in the same categories the hands are broken out when performing a similar action in the Three Bet Range report along with a summary. Likewise, you can replay any hand by simply clicking on it.

Situational View - 3bet Sucess

The final report is the Flop Hand Strength report which in summary shows your flop win rate per 100 big blinds in both text and a bar graph.
The report itself breaks out in both a bar graph and a pie chart your win-rate per 100 big blinds by the type of hand you achieved on the flop such as high card, one pair, two pair, etc.
There is also a chart below the graphs which breaks things out by made hand, total hands, saw turn percentage, net amount won, big blinds won per 100 hands, EV in big blinds per 100 hands, flop aggression percentage, improve turn percentage, went to showdown percentage and money won at showdown percentage. 
Like the two previous reports, you can click on the made hand type and see a breakdown of hands along with a summary. Similarly, you can also replay any hand of interest to you by simply clicking on it.
3bet Situational View - Flop Hand Strength

As you can see the 3-Bet Situational View provides a plethora of information consolidated into one section that previously would have taken time to come by and in Hold’em Manager 3 is at a few clicks of your mouse.
Stay tuned at PokerSoftware as we will break out the power of the CBet Situational View and the Tournament All-In Situational View in the near future.

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