Expose the power of the new HM3 Situational Views - Part 2

Date: 2018-03-05
Author: Jason Glatzer

Hold’em Manager 3, the next-generation of poker tracking software is now in open Beta release and you can sign up and try it out here: http://www.holdemmanager.com/hm3/beta.php
The software features many familiar features along with many new ones including Situational Views. This new feature provides important information about your game that in the past would have taken many reports to compile. This should make your study time more efficient due to providing all relevant information about a certain aspect of your game in one spot.
Currently embedded in the software are three Situational Views as follows:
1. 3-Bet Situational View
2. CBet Situational View
3. Tournament All-in Situational View
Situational View Navigation
Other situational views are also planned for release including Showdown, Sit N Go Bubble Play and Leakonomics, which are all already listed in the software as coming soon.
In the first article of this series, we focused on the 3-Bet Situational View. This segment will discuss the CBet situational view with another article planned for the Tournament All-In Situational View next.
The CBet Situational View compiles all your cash game hands into five reports analyzing situations where a continuation bet was placed or could have taken place including CBet Success: Board Texture, Hand Strength when CBetting, CBet Spots – HeadsUp vs Multiway, CBet Spots – In Position vs Out of Position and Results Skipped Cbet.
A feature that I find particularly handy common to all of the reports is the ability to narrow down what hands you want to look at by clicking on the Filters Icon. As an example, if you play lower-stakes games differently than higher-stakes games, you can set-up filters for both and save them, so you can toggle back and forth. This is just a small example of what you can filter as you can narrow down what subset of hands you wish to review by just about anything you can think of.
HM3 Filters
The CBet Success: Board Texture report provides an extensive amount of detail about your performance on different types of flops.
The left side of the report provides your overall success when firing out a continuation bet. The right side of the report provides much more detail. On the top part there is a bar graph demonstrating your continuation bet rate success rate based on flop textures that include boards such as flush rainbow, flush two-tone, flush monotone, Str – Unconnected, Str – Connected, Str – 1 Gapper, Str – 2 Gapper, Str – Conn + 1 Gapper, Paired Board and Not Paired.
Embedded over the bar graph is a line graph displaying your win-rate in each of these scenarios based on big blinds per hour.
Below the graph is a detailed chart broken out by each flop texture with tons of information including Total Hands, Flop CBet% Success, Net Won, bb/100, EV bb/100, Success vs 1%, Success vs 2%, Success vs 3+%, WTSD% and W$SD%. On the bottom of the chart, there is summary information based off all types of flop textures.
In addition, you can look at hands that make up the report and even review any hand in the Hold’em Manager 3 hand replayer by clicking on that hand.
 Cbet Success Board Texture


The Hand Strength when CBetting report is another handy feature as it is important for you to know your success rate based on how well the flop connected to your hand.
The left part of the report provides your total continuation bet in big blinds per 100 hands. The top portion of the main portion of the report provides a pie chart showing your hand strength when making a continuation bet including when the board gives you a flush, straight, three of a king, two pair, one pair and high card.
The bottom portion of the report provides a chart providing information of when you continuation bet on each type of hand with categories including Total Hands, Flop CBet% Success, Net Won, bb/100, EV bb/100, Saw Turn%, Improve Turn%, WTSD% and W$SD%.
Similar to the first report, you can review hands by clicking on any made hand type and replay them by clicking on any individual hand.
Hand Strength When Cbetting
The CBet Spots – HeadsUp vs Multiway report provides your total continuation bet success rate on the left side. The main part of the report provides two pie charts. The first pie chart breaks out things into when you skipped a continuation bet, made a continuation bet and won and made a continuation bet and lost when facing one opponent. Similarly, the second pie chart shows the same information when facing more than one opponent.
Cbet spots Heads Up vs Multiway
The CBet Spots – In Position and Out of Position report is similar to the last report. It provides two pie charts for when you were in position or out of position based on the same categories.
Cbet Spots In Position vs Out Of Position
The last report, the Results Skipped CBet Report breaks down your winnings when you decided not to continuation bet. The right side of the report provides a line graph breaking out your win-rate when in position or out of position.
Results Skipped Cbet
As you can see the CBet Situational View provides a wealth of useful information consolidated into one section.
Stay tuned at PokerSoftware as we will break out the power of the Tournament All-In Situational View in the near future.

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