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A Heads-Up Display, or HUD for short, is an online poker tool that allows you to display information directly on a poker table. This information ranges from statistics out of a tracking and analysis software database such as PokerTracker 3 or Holdem Manager to probability information provided by a calculator tool such as Holdem Indicator. All of the information provided in a Heads-Up Display gives you better insight into your opponents and allows you to make better decisions, resulting in more profit.

Two of the original HUDs designed to work with PokerTracker 2 are GameTime+ and . GameTime+ is open source and completely free, but lacks some of the more advanced features that PokerACE comes with. The latest version of PokerACE is built right in to PokerTracker 3 and requires no extra license. PT3's main competition, Holdem Manager, also comes with a built in HUD that was developed from the RealTime HUD product. It provides extremely detailed statistics that give you a ton of information to base your decisions on.

Most online poker calculators come with some form of a Heads-Up Display, or are in fact entirely a HUD. Some examples of such products are Texas Calculatem, Hold'em Hawk, and Poker Wingman. All of these products provide different statistical information such as pot odds, odds of different draws, and potential opponents' hands. All of this is provided right on or right next to the poker table so that it is easily accessible to aid in your decision making.

A good Heads-Up Display will provide you with detailed information to assist you in your decision making. If you are playing multiple tables your focus will be divided preventing you from paying close attention to every player's actions. By using information that the different HUDs can provide you will be able to make better reads and plays. Overall this will result in better profitability and fewer mistakes. Check out any of the variety of HUDs available today to start improving your game.

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  • PokerTracker 4

  • The ultimate online poker tracking and analysis tool that will provide you with useful statistics about your opponents while you play (i.e HUD), as well as provide you with a great system to review your play later.

  • 3.67 out of 5

  • Holdem Manager 2

  • A fully featured online poker tracking and analysis software that features a Heads Up Display with numerous statistics and graphs to track your play.

  • 3.00 out of 5

  • Hand2Note

  • Review of the dynamic HUD and poker tracking program Hand2Note.

  • Not Rated Yet

  • FreePokerDB (FPDB)

  • Overview of the FreePokerDB (FPDB), a comprehensive free stats tracking and analysis program that includes a Heads-Up Display (HUD).

  • 5.00 out of 5

  • Super HUD

  • A web-based Heads-Up Display and free add-on to Holdem Profiler.

  • 5.00 out of 5

  • PokrHUD

  • Four different online poker HUDs make PokrHUD perfect for beginners

  • 5.00 out of 5

  • SharkScope

  • Online database of sit and go players that displays various statistics about a player, including overall ROI and ability rating.

  • 4.09 out of 5

  • 3.85 out of 5

  • 3.50 out of 5

  • Poker Office 6

  • Feature-rich tracking software that automatically offers instant odds, opponent statistics, graphs, Heads-Up Displays (HUDs), a hand replayer, and full player analysis.

  • 1.00 out of 5

  • Omaha Manager 2

  • Add-on to Holdem Manager that allows for comprehensive stats tracking in Omaha. Also comes complete with an HUD and tons of reporting capabilities.

  • Not Rated Yet

  • AJackson Advantage HUD

  • AJackson Advantage HUD is a cutting-edge product for No Limit Hold'em cash game players created by professional online poker player Alan Jackson.

  • Not Rated Yet

  • Flop Inspector

  • Review of Flop Inspector and Flop Inspector Range Visualizers

  • Not Rated Yet