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One of the most popular forms of online poker is the single table tournament, also known as a sit-n-go or SNG for short. As such, there are many great online poker software tools that have been developed around learning to play SNGs and assisting you while do you play. These SNG software tools run the gamut from tracking opponents to offering real time advice and even simulation tools. Sit-n-go tournaments are a great way to grind out a consistent profit by playing a game that has been completely solved mathematically.

The most significant invention to impact SNGs was the conception of the "Independent Chip Model" or ICM for short. ICM presents a mathematic approach to figuring out the statistically correct points in time to go all in with any two cards based on the value of each chip and your equity. This of course is a complicated process, but luckily for you people have developed software solutions to do all of the calculations for you. Some of the currently available ICM calculators include Spade ICM, Chillin411 ICM calculator, and SNG End Game Tools (SNGEGT). Many of these options are free, including SNGEGT.

If you do not frequently play SNGs on a particular site, you will most likely be at a disadvantage against the regular players on that site. They will already have experience with the other players and know their strengths and weaknesses. You can help offset this advantage by using a variety of automated player tracking tools that log the results of every SNG tournament that is played. By using these tools you can identify what players are winning players and which are losing players. The original and most famous of these tools is SharkScope. Unfortunately some sites are banning the use of SharkScope and their heads-up-display product, SharkScope HUD. An excellent alternative which is actually superior in some areas is the Tournament Shark software offered by PokerProLabs.

SNG training software allows you to practice the critical situations that arise during single table tournaments over and over again so that when you are actually playing and encounter such a situation your action will be the correct one. One such piece of SNG training software is the Prego Poker Bubble Trainer. The most critical part of any SNG is the bubble, and Prego Poker's tool allows you to practice playing on the bubble over and over. Another excellent option to consider is SitNGo Wizard. SNG Wizard offers automatic analysis of SNGs in real time to help you in your decision making, using the ICM calculator that is built in.

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  • Table Ninja II

  • Make multi-tabling on PokerStars, Full Tilt, and PartyPoker easier and automate virtually every possible action for you at the tables. Just launch the program and play poker.

  • 4.19 out of 5

  • 5.00 out of 5

  • Tournament Shark

  • Get invaluable knowledge about your opponents including player rankings and tournament results from their live database.

  • 4.35 out of 5

  • Top Shark

  • Free tournament database that allows you to find information on any player's SNG, MTT, and Heads-Up results on all of the major sites and networks.

  • 4.23 out of 5

  • 3.85 out of 5

  • 3.75 out of 5

  • 3.30 out of 5

  • Top Shark Pro

  • A premium version of the popular poker tracking software Top Shark.

  • 3.00 out of 5

  • 1.40 out of 5

  • No Video Available

  • Poker Score

  • A free tracking application for sit and go tournament results.

  • Not Rated Yet

  • No Video Available

  • HoldemResources

  • Post-game analytical program designed for Texas Hold'em Tournaments and sit and gos

  • Not Rated Yet