PokerTableStats Compliant with Potential PokerStars Software Crackdown

Date: 2015-06-24
Author: Jason Glatzer

Last week, we reported that PokerStars is strongly considering changing its terms of service to exclude many types of software allowed under current rules.  This is believed to be a reaction to both a bot ring suspected of winning at least $1.4 million and a tool developed by PokerStars player Skier_5 to assist players to make decisions in heads-up sit and gos.
While this may cause a panic to some, if you are using the in-game poker calculator and HUD PokerTableStats, you are safe under the current terms and the stricter terms being proposed.
First, PokerStars proposed to prohibit tools that share hole card data between players.  This is not an issue for PokerTableStats since the HUD is only utilizing your hands and the odds calculator is only taking into account your hole cards.
Another restriction PokerStars proposed is strictly disallowing software that operates off a centralized database of player profiles.  PokerTableStats is still safe with this proposed rule even though the software provider stores your information in a cloud.  This is because your PokerTableStats database isn't shared with other players and there is no sharing of player profiles in any part of the software.
PokerStars also plans to further restrict tools that reduce human intervention.  This includes bots and auto-folders, not something PokerTableStats comes remotely close to doing.  Yes it's true that the software provides you information about your opponents and some help with the math.  However, every action is, at the end of the day, up to the player.
Another term PokerStars potentially plans to add is observing tables for the purpose of automatically recording information, otherwise known as data-mining.  Once again, PokerTableStats is safe since it only records hands into your database that you have played and not any hands you have observed.
The last big change is restricting tools that provide real-time advice based on what is currently happening on the table.  PokerTableStats does provide you real-time information about your odds and outs, but it's providing you with math to base your decisions off of and not changing the data about your opponents.  The software is also merely presenting different odds and not telling you exactly what you should be doing.
To summarize, if you are using PokerTableStats as a software tool, you have nothing to worry about regardless of whether PokerStars changes the rules.  If you aren't currently using PokerTableStats, you can check it out for free with a five-day free trial.  If you like what you see, you can purchase a subscription plan for as cheaply as $5.99 a month.

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