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Date: 2015-06-29/ Author: Jason Glatzer
An update on PokerStars changing its policy on what software is allowed under its terms of service. A final decision is expected within a week. More

Date: 2015-06-26/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Romania online poker player Bangoutnow tells us about his Heads-Up Display and what software he uses while he plays and studies. More

Date: 2015-06-24/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker odds calculator Poker Table Stats will be fully compliant should PokerStars choose to crack down on third-party software. More

Date: 2015-06-22/ Author: Jason Glatzer
PokerSoftware looks at how to use the online poker odds calculator Omaha Checker in conjunction with your Heads-Up Display. More

Date: 2015-06-19/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Bryan bparis Paris tells us what stats he has in his heads-up display and talks about using Holdem Manager and HoldemResources when he plays poker. More

Date: 2015-06-17/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Major changes are coming to PokerStars, as the site plans to no longer permit certain types of software in the wake of two high-profile issues. More

Date: 2015-06-15/ Author: Jason Glatzer
PokerSoftware looks at how the auto hotkey tool NinjaVision, a feature within TableNinja, can help you add more tables and improve your profitability. More

Date: 2015-06-12/ Author: Dan Cypra
Players on online poker forums have suspected bots of colluding in mid-stakes Pot Limit Omaha games. PokerStars security responds. More

Date: 2015-06-10/ Author: Jason Glatzer
PokerSoftware looks at how to best take advantage of the poker odds calculator Flop Inspector, which will help you stay ahead of your opponents. More

Date: 2015-06-08/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The MTT tool and SNG tool SharkScope has added a Heads-Up Display, or HUD, which makes the software more powerful than ever. More

Date: 2015-06-05/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The Stud poker software Stud Indicator provides an in-game HUD, odds, dead cards, outs, and opponent playing styles, making it a must for any Stud player. More

Date: 2015-06-03/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Advanced Poker Training has rolled out new MTT training plans and reports, allowing you to fine-tune your tournament game against AI bots. More

Date: 2015-06-01/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker training site Tournament Poker Edge is heading to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. We get the scoop on what's planned. More

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