Use Omaha Checker with Your HUD

Date: 2015-06-22
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you play Omaha online, you probably would agree that a HUD is very useful for profiling your opponents.  However, did you know that you can use your HUD in coordination with Omaha Checker to understand your odds against what you feel the hand ranges are of your opponents?
This is where Omaha Checker can help you out.  The software can help you on the tables and while studying.  With your HUD, you should have an idea of what percentage of hands your opponents play in certain situations.  So for example, let's say you found yourself with a short stack in a PokerStars tournament and you are wondering whether you should raise a three-bet from an opponent and go all-in.
The first thing you should do is plug the range you think your opponent may have into Omaha Checker.  There are preset buttons for AAxx, AAxx, KKxx, top 10%, top 15%, top 20%, and top 25%.  If this doesn't fit the profile your HUD is telling you about your opponent, you can manually set the percentage of hands your opponent may have.
Omaha Checker will already automatically load in what your pre-flop holdings are if you have the program running while you're playing and you can quickly see what your equity is against this range.  Assuming there are no ICM situations, you can quickly calculate whether it makes sense to go all-in or pass up the opportunity for a better spot.
Likewise, the software can be equally useful in a deep-stacked cash game or in the early stages of tournaments where you will rarely find yourself all-in pre-flop.  Here, you will still have the math on your side with Omaha Checker, but you will have to also take into account your implied odds and not just your pot odds before using the information the software gives you.
As you can see, Omaha Checker can definitely help you out regardless of whether you play cash games or tournaments.  Perhaps the best part of this software is that it's absolutely free.  This means if you play Omaha even occasionally, you should definitely consider downloading this tool since you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain with all of the information you will have at your disposal.  Visit Omaha Checker today.

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