SharkScope Desktop HUD Released

Date: 2015-06-08
Author: Jason Glatzer

Online poker players around the world utilize Sharkscope in order to see the performances of their opponents and tHEMselves in multi-table online poker tournaments and sit and gos.  With a decade of experience, it is no wonder that players love Sharkscope considering it tracks 56 different poker networks.
Things just got more exciting at SharkScope.  Last month, the data analysis site released its new SharkScope Desktop 1.0 HUD.  You now have access to a HUD, data sync, and hand tracking tool all in one.  The HUD is graphically clear and easy to customize, providing users with data on themselves and their opponents that they can use to their advantage while playing poker across many different sites and networks.
What's cool about this new feature is that the software brings to life the integration of individual hand tracking along with the traditional game statistics that players have grown to love.  In the past, you had to purchase a separate HUD in order to have access to hand-based statistics and then subscribe to Sharkscope to get game statistics.

In other words, the new feature can not only can save poker players money, but also make their lives easier since there is no longer a need to go to more than one provider to get all the data needed.
SharkScope Desktop 1.0 supports Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hi, the two most popular variants of poker.  Additionally, you will be pleased to know that this new service also supports ring games.  This is a pleasant surprise considering Sharkscope in the past focused solely on tournaments and sit and gos.
Some of the key features of the new Sharkscope Desktop 1.0 are HUD support for multiple sites, HUD customization, advanced tournament table filtering, and the ability to add tournament flags.
Another helpful facet of the software is its ability to automatically report missing tournament information directly to Sharkscope to assure the greatest possible analytical accuracy.
The Full Sharkscope Desktop 1.0 suite is available for free for Gold and Platinum subscribers.  If this describes you, you can see for yourself without dipping into your own pocket how useful this service is.  You can also use the software for free if you are a Silver subscriber; however, this version will not include the useful hand tracking tool.  You can also purchase the standalone hand tracking tool at a one-time cost of $99.

Visit Sharkscope today.

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