Stay Ahead of the Curve with Flop Inspector

Date: 2015-06-10
Author: Jason Glatzer

Ring games online are getting tougher and tougher as the years go by.  If you don't study the game, you may fall behind.  One way to keep up with the game is by using Flop Inspector, an advanced poker odds calculator that allows you to analyze probabilities.
One key difference between Flop Inspector and many other poker calculators is that instead of merely looking at your hand against one hand of an opponent, you are able to look at your hand against a range of what your opponent might be holding.
Let's walk through an example.  First of all, there are 22,100 different flops that potentially may appear in Texas Hold'em.  Many flops are instantly eliminated due to the hole cards you are holding since it is impossible for those cards to appear on the flop.
In this example, we are holding Qd-Jd as our hole cards in late position and are facing a raise in a deep-stacked ring game.  The first thing we need to do is visualize what range of cards our opponent could be raising with.  If we include all pairs, all broadways, all suited connectors, and all suited one-gappers, along with some off-suit aces and suited kings, we have liberally assigned a range of 26.7% of all hands.  If our understanding of our opponent is different than this, we could quickly change it to a more suitable range.
If we apply this range, we can quickly see that our holdings have 46.08% equity against our opponents' range, which is enough to see most flops assuming you aren't putting in a huge portion of your stack before the flop.
From here, we can filter for flops where we hit top pair or better.  The software will quickly calculate that there are 4,886 filtered flops, of which we have 74.67% equity against our opponent's previously assigned range when this occurs.  The software will not only show us all of the flops, but also the likelihood that these flops will appear individually.
We can dig further into which filtered flops help us the most and see a few where we flop a hand that is impossible to lose with: a royal flush or a straight flush.
We can also see other filtered flops we should proceed with caution on.  For example, an A-A-J flop will give us two pair, but only gives us a 55.47% chance of winning the hand.  If faced with heavy action on this flop, you should consider the type of opponent you are playing with and most likely give him credit based on his range of pre-flop holdings.
There are endless ways to use Flop Inspector.  You can keep plugging away with this feature and assign multiple flop filters and take advantage of some of the other tools the software has to offer including a group chart, an equities chart, equity realization calculations, and EV calculations.  As you can imagine, studying hands you played or scenarios you dreamed up with this tool can advance your level of thinking by leaps and bounds.
We have literally just touched the tip of the iceberg of what Flop Inspector can do as a poker study tool.  You can check out how this software can help you advance your poker game for just $49, which is a bargain when considering the power of the software.  Visit Flop Inspector today.

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