Stud Indicator: A Must for All Stud Players

Date: 2015-06-05
Author: Jason Glatzer

Do you enjoy playing 7-Card Stud online but are concerned about the lack of software available?  Or are you thinking of playing Stud for the first time and need a guiding hand?  If the answer to either of these questions is yes, we have great news for you.  Stud Indicator can be the answer to all of your problems and help you become a big winner in the game.
Stud Indicator provides an informative in-game poker odds calculator and HUD all in one.  The software is not only designed to work with 7-Card Stud, but also will work perfectly if you want to play Razz or Stud 8 or Better.
The software is easy to install and just as easy to use.  After downloading it, simply have it running when playing any of the Stud variants to get full use of the software.

If you're playing Stud 8 or Better, you will be presented with useful information including your odds of winning the high pot and odds of winning the low pot.  Additionally, you will be told exactly what hand you hold.
Another useful feature of the poker odds calculator is that it will present the likelihood that you or your opponents will hit certain hands based on the current table conditions, including one pair/low 8, two pair/low 7, three of a kind/low 6, straight/low 5, flush, full house, four of a kind, and straight flush.  With this information, it will also show you the odds your opponent will win money in an ongoing hand.
One of my favorite features is that Stud Indicator will show what the dead cards are.  This is particularly important if you wish to multi-table Stud games, as when doing so you might miss some of the exposed cards in real time.  A related feature is that the software will list how many outs and what cards are still available to improve your high and low hands.
Stud Indicator's HUD is equally as useful and may be the main feature you will enjoy if you are already an experienced Stud player.  The HUD will allow you to learn more about your opponents than you can possibly get from just observation.

You can see your opponents' playing styles with stats on VPIP, pre-flop raise, steal %, aggression factor, win rate, and amount won.  Additionally, Stud Indicator will tell you the number of hands in the sample size to allow you to understand how reliable the information is.  The bigger your sample size on your opponents, the greater the likelihood you will know exactly what type of player you are up against.
If you are playing Stud or are thinking of giving the game a shot, why not check out Stud Indicator today?  The software is reasonably priced at $69 for one year or $149 for a lifetime license, which is a bargain considering how much money you can earn on the table with the help of this software.

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